Mission and Recommendations


The mission of Weaver Book Company is to strengthen the body of Christ and honor the Lord by providing enriching resources for pastors, pastors-in-training, church leaders, and serious lay students of the Bible. These resources, many of which are written by pastoral professors, come in the form of edifying commentaries, creative workbooks, insightful biblical and theological studies, and engaging cultural and literary studies.

Recommendations of Weaver Book Company

Darrell Bock (Executive Director of Cultural Engagement and Senior Research Professor of NT Studies): “Pastors need good resources and Jim Weaver knows what those are. I am confident Weaver Book Company can be a help to you as a pastor.”

Daniel Wallace (Professor of NT Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary; Executive Director Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts): “Weaver Book Company is a new concept in publishing or, rather, an old one that has been all but forgotten. Jim Weaver, a man of deep integrity and profound Christian piety, has founded this publishing house for the primary purpose of publishing commentaries on Scripture. It will be exciting to see the offerings that come off the press!”

Michael Grisanti (Professor of OT, The Master’s Seminary):  “Jim Weaver, with decades of experience in the publishing world, has started a new publishing outlet, Weaver Book Company, Having worked with him on several writing projects, I would highly recommend Jim and his company for careful consideration by any author who hopes to impact the larger world with their ideas. Jim does a great job in helping authors craft focus, write clearly, and create written materials that offer significant benefit to their future readers.”

Phil A. Newton (Pastor, South Woods Baptist Church): “I am glad to recommend the work of Jim Weaver and Weaver Book Company. Having worked with Jim as my editor a number of years ago, I found him to be conscientious at every level, and superb in his work. I am confident that Weaver Book Company will serve the larger community well in the days ahead.”

Rob Plummer (Professor of New Testament Interpretation, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary): “Jim Weaver is a top-notch leader in evangelical academic publishing. I highly recommend the Weaver Book Company.”

David Beach (Counselor/Educator at Soul Seasons, Grand Rapids, MI): “I'm delighted to recommend Jim Weaver, and the Weaver Book Company. His experience, knowledge, and commitment to excellence make working with him a pleasure.”

Edward Glenny (Professor, Northwestern College): "I recommend Weaver Book Company because I trust and respect Jim Weaver. Jim is a person of integrity with a proven track record. You can depend on Jim to be honest with you, to work hard for you, and to be a joy to work with."

George M. Hillman Jr. (Associate Professor, Dallas Theological Seminary): “I worked with Jim Weaver on previous book projects and benefitted from his professional guidance in the book publisher process. Jim also has a long history working with other professors at my seminary. Whether you are a first time author or a seasoned veteran, you could not find a better man to help you in the publishing world than Jim Weaver.”

John Lillis (Executive Officer/Dean, Bethel Seminary San Diego): “Having known Jim Weaver for over twenty years, I can confidently and without reservation recommend anything in which he is involved. He is a man of the highest integrity with a well-developed work ethic. I am excited to see how God will use both Jim and Weaver Books to advance His Kingdom.”

David Turner (Professor of NT, Grand Rapids Theological Seminary): “Jim Weaver's vision to produce biblically-based books specifically for pastors is much needed. Jim's values, experience, and wisdom lead me to think that Weaver Book Company will be warmly received by those entrusted with ministry by the church's Chief Shepherd."

Michael Burer (Professor of NT, Dallas Theological Seminary): “Jim Weaver has a proven track record of producing high-quality materials for the academic and pastoral markets. He provides an expert editorial eye and sound scholarly insight to make each of his projects the best it can be. I recommend him highly for any publishing project you might be considering.”