enGendered: God's Gift of Gender Difference in Relationship

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Sam A. Andreades

Sam A. Andreades is senior pastor of Faith Reformed Presbyterian Church in Quarryville, Pennsylvania. Previously, he was pastor for ten and a half years in Greenwich Village, New York City, and is the founder of Higher Ground (originally called G.A.M.E. [Gender Affirming Ministry Endeavor]), a New York City ministry of Christian discipleship serving those with unwanted same-sex attractions. He wrote his dissertation (D.Min., Covenant Theological Seminary) on gender distinction in marriage. He has been married to his wife for twenty five years and has three sons and one daughter.  

You can visit his website: http://affirminggender.com

About the Book

EnGendered is a winsome, robust, and eloquent theology of gender. Selected as as the winner of the 2015 book-of-the-year in the Accessible Theology cateogry by WORLD magazine, the volume brings clarity and compassion to a gender-confused society. Writing in a positive tone and concluding that gender difference is a gift from God that should be celebrated, enGendered goes a long way in providing a convincing argument as to why gender difference is so important to God and why we need to embrace His assessment.

The review of this book at Books at a Glance calls it "positive, helpful, sensitive, faithful, and timely."

This volume speaks to Christians who want to know what the Bible says about gender difference and why. It also is of value for people who struggle with same-sex attraction but want to follow Christ.

A 48-page study guide for the book is available here. The study guide retails for $3.99.


List of Scenic Overlooks from the Bible     


Introduction: Prohibitions Are Not Enough

“How come the sermons are always about what I can’t do?”     

Part 1: The Way through the Thicket: Who We Are and Where Relationships Come From

      1.   We Have Lost the Trail of Relational Love

            “I am a lesbian. Does Jesus accept me ‘Just as I Am’?”     

      2.   The God of Closeness Has Shown Himself

            “What does God have to do with my love life?”     

      3.   Gender Is Hard to Talk About for Good Reason

            “Why do I feel embarrassed saying women are different from men?”     

      4.   They Are Equal in Power and Glory

            “Doesn’t the Bible denigrate women?”     

      5.   Gender Matters in Relationship

            “Jesus never talks about homosexuality, does He?”     

      6.   Sex Differences Form the Platform of God’s Gift

            “I thought boys were good at math but then why is my wife a nuclear physicist?”     

Part 2: The Trail Markers: Embracing Asymmetry for the Other

      7.   The Grand Asymmetries of Gender Give Us Specialties

            “Where is my job description as a husband in this marriage thing?”     

      8.   The Asymmetry of Origin: The Man of the Solid Ground and the Woman of the Resting Rib

            “What do you want me to do, stay home and bake cookies?”     

      9.   The Asymmetry of Order (Part 1): The Firstborn

            “Can’t I find a woman who is not so high-maintenance?”     

    10.   The Asymmetry of Order (Part 2): The Promoter

            “If we’re equal, why should he be in charge?”     

    11.   The Asymmetry of Intent: The Commissioned and the Empowerer

            “Why can’t she get off my back about reading to the kids? I don’t feel like it.”     

    12.   Gender Specialties: Banishing Independence

            “What’s wrong with cross-dressing?”     

    13.   Culture: The Clothes of Gender

            “Should I be worried that my friend Peggy spends all her spare time on football?”     

Part 3: The Inner Wood: The Dynamics of Getting Close

    14.   The Purpose of the Genders: A Gift to Foster Intimacy

            “It isn’t possible for a homosexual man to enjoy sex with a woman—is it?”     

    15.   Deeper Still: Dynamics of Intergendered Intimacy

            “How could depending on her make me more me?”     

    16.   Sex: Respecting the Platform of Distinction

            “Why would God keep my gay friend from experiencing true love in a monogamous lifelong relationship?”     

    17.   Continuum of Closeness: When Gender Does and Doesn’t Matter

            “Should I refuse my company’s offer of CEO because I am a woman?”     

    18.   The Immense Invitation

            “How close can we get?”     


Appendix 1: A Theology of Gender     

Appendix 2: The Structure of Judges: We Need a King     

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