Book Proposal

Many thanks for your interest in writing a book for Weaver Book Company. Our mission is to strengthen the church by providing high-quality resources for seminary and Bible college students, pastors, church leaders, and Bible study leaders and students. These resources come in the form of enriching biblical studies and commentaries, creative textbooks and workbooks, insightful theological and apologetic analyses, and engaging cultural and literary studies. 

If you feel you have a book idea that fits with the mission of Weaver Book Company, we would love to hear from you. The following guidelines for submitting a formal book proposal are fairly standard, but if they raise any questions, please send an email to A fully developed proposal includes the following elements:

  • Book's purpose and contribution.

  • Book's primary and secondary audiences. Please be specific. It is better to have a specific readership(s) in mind than to have a general one. As they say, “A book for everyone is a book for no one.”  If the book is for students, state which course(s) of study would use your work.

  • Similar volumes. After researching the current books on the market, describe how your proposed book differs from or improves upon them.

  • Outline with one-paragraph chapter summaries.

  • Sample chapters. These should include the introduction and at least one representative chapter. This material will help us evaluate your writing style and identify the book's approach and distinctives.

  • Estimated date of completion.

  • Length. The projected word count should include notes, appendixes, and bibliography (if any).  

  • Illustrative items. If your proposed book will include photographs, line art, tables, charts, graphs, and maps, give the approximate number and their source.

  • Teaching aids. These include items such as study and discussion questions, exercises, boxes, sidebars, glossaries, chapter bibliographies, etc.

  • Curriculum vitae.

  • Testimonials. We would like to hear what others are saying about your proposed book. Specifically, we would like to know the need for your book and your ability to write it.

Your manuscript will be reviewed by Weaver Book Company and/or qualified outside readers. They will evaluate your manuscript based upon the proposed book’s creativity, quality of writing, distinctiveness, timeliness, contribution to the field of study, and market. Please allow at least eight weeks for us to complete this process.

Send proposal as an email attachment in either Word document or as a PDF to Jim Weaver at