Impact Preaching: A Case for the One-Point Expository Sermon

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Jim L. Wilson

Jim L. Wilson (D.Min, Golden Gate Theological Seminary) is a former pastor and is now professor of Leadership Formation and the director of the Doctor of Ministry Program at Golden Gate. He is an award-winning writer who has authored, co-authored or contributed to more than a dozen books. His sermons and sermon illustrations appear in WordSearch and Logos Bible software programs and on his website

Michael Kuykendall

Michael Kuykendall (Ph.D., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) is Professor of New Testament Studies at Gateway Seminary. He is the chief editor of Bible Review Journal, and serves as the president of the Northwest Baptist Historical Society.

R. Gregg Watson

R. Gregg Watson (Ph.D., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary) is Associate Professor of Old Testament and Associate Dean at Gateway Seminary. Watson served as a translator for the Holman Christian Standard Bible project, working on one of the Old Testament translation committees. He also served as pastor of Brandon Baptist Church in Brandon, Texas.

David Johnson

David Johnson (Ph.D., Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, D.Min., Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary) is executive director for the Arizona Southern Baptist Convention. He co-teaches homiletics in Gateway’s D.Min. program with Professor Wilson.

About the Book

This comprehensive manual aids preachers in keeping the transformative meaning and impact of the biblical text intact through all hermeneutical and homiletical processes. While this approach applies to all sermon structures, the book focuses on the less familiar one-point expository message rather than the more common three-point sermon, or verse-by-verse approach. 

Drawing upon the strengths of their backgrounds as homiletic and biblical studies professors, the authors help the reader identify which biblical texts fit the one-point expository sermon structure, explain how to develop the sermons, and provide sermon samples that illustrate the approach. The authors also explore the features of each major literary genre and how they help to shape the sermon.


Part 1: Understanding Impact Preaching

1. Impact Preaching

2. From Points to Movements

3. From Sermon Thesis to Transformative Points

Part 2: Developing High Impact Sermons

4. Old Testament Narrative Episodes

5. Narrative Episodes from the Prophets

6. Poetry

7. Proverbs

8. Gospel Narrative Episodes

9. Parables

10: Epistles

11: Apocalyptic Texts


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