From the Study to the Pulpit: An 8-Step Method for Preaching and Teaching the Old Testament

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Allan Moseley

Allan Moseley (Th.D., New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary) is Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has also served as a pastor before and during his teaching career, most recently for ten years at Christ Baptist Church in Raleigh, NC. Moseley has written four books: What’s Life All About? Foundations for a Biblical Worldview from Genesis 1–12Thinking against the Grain: Developing a Biblical Worldview in a Culture of Myths; Living Well: God’s Wisdom from the Book of Proverbs; and a commentary on Leviticus in the Christ-Centered Exposition commentary series.

About the Book

Many pastors struggle with preaching the Old Testament. With his twin skills of professor and pastor, Allan Moseley brings a wealth of knowledge to help make the task easier and more effective.

The purpose of his book is to offer both exegetical and preaching help by means of a workable eight-step method. The author’s preaching model starts with the initial step of determining the genre and meaning of the text to doing word studies and discovering the main ideas of the text to applying the sermon in a life-changing and Christ-honoring way.

Some books on preaching from the Old Testament are written by authors who do not actually preach, or preach only occasionally. Pastors and budding preachers need a book written by someone who has knows what it is like to be a pastor and has prepared sermons every week for years. Moseley’s book reflects his classroom teaching on the subjects of exposition and hermeneutics, and it provides helpful illustrations of expositional principles that rise from his own preaching ministry.


Introduction: Definitions and Presuppositions

1: What Does the Text Say?

2: What Is the Text’s Genre?

3: What Is the Context?

4: What Are the Important Words and What Do They Mean?

5: What Are the Main Ideas?

6: How Does This Apply to People’s Lives?

7: How Does This Text Lead to Christ?

8: How Do We Present the Results of Exposition?


“I am always on the lookout for a good ‘how-to’ book on preaching the Old Testament. Moseley’s From the Study to the Pulpit is one of the best books on the subject I have seen. His 8 step method for sermon preparation is clear, concise, and serviceable for any preacher. Moseley covers all the bases: genre, context, word studies, determining the theme, how to connect the text to Christ, and application. I especially appreciate his commitment to stressing the importance of the use of Hebrew in sermon preparation. This book is a must read for every preacher. I will be using it in my preaching classes and in my preaching of the Old Testament!”

David L. Allen, Dean, School of Preaching, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

“In this book, Moseley offers 8 strategic questions that will help the preacher or teacher take an Old Testament text and move from the written page to spoken presentation. A long-time pastor and excellent preacher, now an Old Testament professor, Moseley offers wonderful insights into understanding an ancient text and then communicating the truth of that text to a modern audience. This is a book that will be helpful to both novice and veteran preachers—and is likely to spark any number of great sermon ideas.”

—Michael Duduit, Executive Editor, Preaching magazine; and Dean, Clamp Divinity School, Anderson University, Anderson, SC

“In this insightful volume, Moseley has drawn from a rich experience of more than thirty years of teaching and preaching the Old Testament and provided a theologically and exegetically sound guidebook for the pastor, teacher, and student of God’s Word. His 8-step method takes the reader/expositor from the foundation of a careful hermeneutic in reading and interpreting Scripture to the prudent and practical proclamation of the Word to our contemporary church and world settings. In his methodology Moseley also provides a Christological lens through which to filter some of the difficult areas of Old Testament interpretation.”

—R. Dennis Cole, Professor of Old Testament Hebrew and Archaeology, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

“How to preach the Old Testament has been a problem in Christian history ever since Marcion rejected the whole thing back in the second century. Now, Moseley, a distinguished scholar and pastor, gives clear guidance on this perennial issue. His perspective honors the Old Testament as Christian Scripture and helps us to teach and preach it through a Christological lens. A book of theological depth and practical wisdom.”

—Timothy George, Dean, Beeson Divinity School of Samford University; general editor of The Reformation Commentary on Scripture

From the Study to the Pulpit  is a gift to everyone who preaches or teaches or for anyone who seriously wants to understand and study the Old Testament. The writing is so accessible that the Ph.D. in the seminary and the layperson in the church will both benefit from this work. This eight-step method for learning how to do exegesis/exposition of the text is an excellent guide for how to approach God’s Word. Moseley provides a tool that will help teachers and students of Scripture discover how all the Scriptures are profitable for believers today. The approach is Christ-centered and emphasizes prayer in the process. It truly is a must read for anyone wanting to responsibly comprehend, apply, and proclaim God’s Word.”

—T. J. Betts, Professor of Old Testament Interpretation, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

 “With this carefully developed, 8-step approach, Allan Moseley has provided a wonderful treasure for students, teachers, and pastors. Those who take time to read and reflect upon the wise insights found in From the Study to the Pulpit will be better prepared and equipped to understand and communicate the Old Testament message with greater faithfulness and effectiveness. I am genuinely delighted to recommend this thoughtful and helpful resource.”

—David S. Dockery, President, Trinity International University/Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

“I wish I had had this book when I first began my preaching ministry. From the Study to the Pulpit provides an excellence guide for preparing to preach the Old Testament. The 8 steps spelled out give clear and straightforward instruction for handling faithfully the Old Testament text. The chapter on pointing people to Jesus through the Old Testament was especially helpful.”

—Kenneth Keathley, Senior Professor of Theology, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

“What do you get when an Old Testament expert and master preacher writes a book on how to preach and teach from the Old Testament? You get Allan Moseley’s From the Study to the Pulpit. Moseley’s 8-step method is smart, accessible, and relevant to a broad range of interests, including Old Testament, preaching, and hermeneutics. Highly recommended.”

—Bruce Ashford, Provost, Professor of Theology and Culture, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Moseley combines his decades of pastoral preaching experience with a scholarly understanding of the Old Testament to give us a clear path from text to sermon. In addition to using solid principles of hermeneutics and exposition along the way, the author shows us how to get to Jesus with integrity from any Old Testament text. Pastors and preachers, get this book and keep it close. I promise that you’ll use it often!”

—Jim Shaddix, W. A. Criswell Professor of Expository Preaching, Director, Center for Preaching and Pastoral Leadership, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary 


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